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moms that are pms-ed ALL the time and make up reasons to yell at their kids since they have no other ppl to berate. usually divorced and/or working at high-stress jobs. kid basically becomes a burden to them, STILL, they won't let the dad have the kid b/c of their stupid arrogant pride. these bitches will get pissed off just seeing their kid's face (especially w/ a report card). just think: endure until you finish high school. then leave and never come back, leave a note "bye forever you stupid verbal-abuse bitch. i will definitely not miss you. im crying with happiness. you probably are too, you selfish loud tard." don't confuse these with the "teach-moms" that actually explain why they yell.
If you're a "mombitch", you're probably reading this comment over your kid's shoulder and will proceed to yell at them and force them to promise to take care of you. yep, that confirms you. you're 100% mombitch. if you now proceed to beat your kid, just so you know, you're going to hell.
by only2moreyearskid May 28, 2006
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Won't let you go out with friends, because she thinks ur irresponsible. Most likely because you had a arguement with her 2 weeks ago, because you stayed to late at your friends house. She over exxadrates about everything, and is over protective.
Mom Bitch: "you can't spend the night, your too young"
by Josh Dilleen February 06, 2010
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When a girl tells u what to do, ex: give me a cigarette, clean ur room, Were stayin home tonight.
She is very bossy. You have to learn to stay away from them, or kill every last one of them
Rosie: Hey guys u better sing happy birthday or ill kick ur ass and im not drunk.
Djay MPN: God that rosie is a "Mom bitch"
by DjMPN August 21, 2006
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A mom who is a bitch, specifically likes to argue/criticize about anything and put her child down to make herself feel better. Is pms'ed all the time. Argues with her children because someone probably pissed her off at work, but cant argue with them because she is a fake -- you will notice that she is nice in public, but at home is a complete bitch.

Cant actually give a reason why they are angry, yelling, or why their point is correct -- will ignore your actual good points by using physical attacks, screaming, threats, etc. Cant stand the fact of loosing an argument so her arguments are shit even though you both know that she ( the mom) is wrong because of her stupid arrogant pride. Also cant stand having not being the last one doing the "payback" or cant stand being the last one corrected, example: If you do win an argument and shut her up -- she will probably say no as an answer when you ask her to go to your friends party as a sign of payback because she couldn't argue back on that last argument you had with her last week.
My mombitch said "no",so I cant go to your house, partly because I corrected her in an argument yesterday which literally has nothing to do with this invitation.
by yehboiitsme March 28, 2019
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A mom who signs off a child into a service and abandons them without out saying goodbye
She left without saying goodbye, fucking mombitch
by Licet Aliena May 19, 2018
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