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Mom-tatorship. noun. A form of dictatorship without the dick. A loving mother rules over her children, household and family with strict boundaries and clearly defined rules to ensure that everything is kept on the straight and narrow. Milk will be consumed with every meal for healthy teeth and bones. Veggies will be eaten in the correct proportion daily. Please and Thank You will be used frequently. And, of course, teeth are brushed twice a day. Sadly this is not the innocent 1950's where girls and boys are sparkling with intelligence, politeness and a decent work ethic. But, dammit, we are trying to better the world one kid at a time!
This is not a democracy. This is a mom-tatorship. As your mom-tator, I will instruct you how life will be and you will comply or else you will be grounded until you are thirty! Someday, when you have kids, you will thank me for this…..
by Mom-tator Supreme September 08, 2016
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