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A derogatoty term used for Mexican Nationals (particularly illeagal aliens), by native born Hispanic people of New Mexico, and southern Colorado. The term is a derivation of the word mojado(Spanish for wet)thus the term is similar to "wet back".
I only eat flour tortillas, corn tortillas are Mojau food.
by Phill Maestas September 16, 2007
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Just as Mr. Maestas said, a Mojau is an Illegal immigrant from Mexico. What Phil forgot to add was that some people mistakably call them Mojados. This is incorrect because while the basic idea is the same, Mojado simply means wet. It is an adjective and only describes the condition of the people in question. Mojau is a proper noun that incorporates the descriptive qualities of the adjective mojado, but also is a name.
I went to eat at the Frontier yesterday; and the Mojau busboy dropped a container of silverware all over thhe place.
by McLuvin505 May 04, 2008
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