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People who want more Obama in every area of their lives, bringing up Obama in most conversations, memorizing long passages of his books, and actually considering buying the commercial souvenirs of Obama's election victory like decorative plates, are victim to "mobama" syndrome, which is also what these people say to express their desire for "more Obama"
Jeff just bought a tshirt with Obama riding a unicorn over a rainbow and has framed a souvenir Obama coin, he's addicted to mobama.

I think Andre kisses the Hope poster hanging over his bed before he goes to sleep. He's all mobama.

Stephanie's mobama Facebook icon is still encouraging people to vote Obama, and the election was like, six months ago.

I like Obama too, but your suggestion for cloning an army of Obamas to charm the Taliban to death by "just smiling that big grin" is a little mobama, man.

Do you think the President will sign my dog-eared copy of The Audacity of Hope? That would be the happiest day of my life... MOBAMAAAA!
by demographica April 28, 2009
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