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Sometimes called Mitch is the nicest guy out there. He is an amazing friend, and great boyfriend. Once you get a Mitchale you should never let him go. He's always knows what to say, and how to be there for you. He's just perfect! He has incredibly nice abs, perfect body, beautiful green eyes that you don't want to look away from, a smile that warms your heart when you see it, light brown hair, very, very athletic and can master just about every sport he tries, he puts up with nothing(especially if it's about someone he loves)and by frankly.. Is a ladies man. Although, he only goes for the one girl who really blows his mind. He's a "long relationship" kind of guy and needless to say knows all the right moves and how to treat a girl right. He was raised right by his mama. Mitchale is one in a million. When you are lucky enough to come across a "Mitch" don't ever let him go. He is the greatest thing that will ever happen to you.

"Damn, did you see that guy?"

"Yeah, he must've been a mitchale"
by Babe_ January 14, 2014
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