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One of the ops of's #nipponsei channel. While supposedly the lowest member of authority, actual considered by many to be the "Power Behind the Throne". Known to be living in "minglongland" and is of gender "minglong". Most often found lurking and silently reading what others in channel are saying, or typing "...".
* PlusVee brands minglong: (ALWAYS SAYING "...")
<@minglong> ...
by NPS Peon February 15, 2005
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The mother of nipponsei (although it is unclear if minglong is male, female, or other). Does "all the real work" of the channel (file acquisition, marking, distribution, bot maintanance, and probably the dishes too). And of course, is under-appreciated.

From all this, despite being the "lowest raking" of all the ops, is thought to have more power than GeneralSmoker and OsisNie put together.

Think about it... who is *really* in charge of your family...
<@minglong> ...
<%div> Fine, I'll change it.
<%div> ;_;
by nipponsei family member February 23, 2005
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