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people, most likely a girl, that that play with your head...much like a cocktease...however, mindsluts dont play with that head....they just make you believe that they have an inkling of a chance that they will date you...stay away from mindsluts at all costs..they may screw you up for life...and will put you into a deep depression that Vicodine, Coricidin, Prozac, and loud guitar playing cant cure...stay away
God, after that mindslut fucked with my head i cant sleep at night, have no feelings, feel hurt all the time, want to die...(other things an extremely depressed teenager may say)
by Satan for a day October 24, 2004
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People who say and think dirty thoughts but don't do dirty things. People who are like Holden Caulfield.
"Stacy says such dirty things, she must be a mind slut."
by Eli Ray January 28, 2009
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A very very sexy woman who is saying some retarded stuff that doesnt make any sense, and laughs about her own jokes that are not funny, but you still appear interested because she is so damn hot
1. dude, i was talking to that super hot chick again today at school and she was laughing about her dog shedding hair.... hahaha i laughed too because she is a dime... what a mind slut, i just smile and laugh
by jiggaboo#swag November 28, 2011
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(n.) - someone with the ability to manipulate another's thoughts in favor of the slut, in relativity to affecting one's feelings for another; a form of mind control. (v.) - The proccess of consciously planting romantic feelings in one's mind for another.
"Wtf, you sooooooooo led him on. You're such a mind-slut!"

Ben Dover mind-slut the fuck out of Jenna so she would sleep with him before he told her he never even knew her name.
by {KFG} May 13, 2010
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Someone, usually a virgin, who is overly eager to be sexually active but can't get any ass. Will usually make up completely transparently fake stories about great sex he's had in the past.
He says he's hooked up with some foreign chick, but I think he's really just a pathetic mindslut.
by laura emm February 16, 2007
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