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The state of mind reached after having been mind fucked so many times, it would be comparable to that of a porn star.
Nick: I watched the Human Centipede and lost my mental virginity. I liked it, so I watched the Human Centipede 2. I grew to love this feeling, so I went on movie marathons consisting of suspense movies. For some reason, people now refuse to look me in the eye, have branded me with a scarlet letter A, and call me a mind whore.
by Tedschloiter August 14, 2011
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Some one who is always thinking sex or mentally screwing someone
Guy 1: Bro, did you just see that hot girl walk by? guy 2: yea, i just lost my mental virginity to her. guy 1: Don't be such a mind whore dude.
by HeyHeyy its that guy December 29, 2011
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A guy or a girl that had daydreamed 'doing it' with diffrent people.
For Example....
Abby zoned out that she had sex with John....but in the next day she thought about doing it with Lance, now she is having thoughts about doing it with Ethan.

So since she had sex with so many people in her mind that makes her a mind whore!! :D
by The Dark Mitzuki July 10, 2008
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