A city on the Lake Michigan shore line which many people believe to be a better city than Chicago, New York, or it neighbor to the north Green Bay. With a failing school system and sports teams most people vote democrat and because it has such a large population turns Wisconsin into a blue state. when talking to someone from Milwaukee use small words.
hey did you hear about Milwaukee?

No, what is that?
by thebigpdubbya December 12, 2010
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Wisconsin's largest city and where all the colored folk inhabit when forced out of the rural communities. It's a place for all the small town kids in neighboring areas to go when not tipping cows, mudding, or consuming vast amounts of beer and hard liquor. Provides great summer entertainment with many varities of festivals-most importantly summerfest, the largest music festival in the United States. Milwaukee also holds the best concert venue, The Rave. And if you survive a night of drinking here, go to state street in Madison during a badger game or on Halloween.
For instance, I was dominated at Summerfest in Milwaukee by all the Wisconsinite drinkers. I am from Illinois and can't compare the to the awesomeness of those professionals. I should not be allowed near a vehicle and should have my license immediately revoked for being such a fuckhead driver.
by tinaknowswhatsheistalkingabout September 15, 2006
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Milwaukee? Oh yea, that's Chicago's largest suburb! People in Milwaukee call Chicagoan's FIB's. Well, Chicago takes pride in it!
Milwaukee just cant compare to it's big brother Chicago. (Honarary) FIB and proud of it!
by Gabriel John July 05, 2007
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Milwaukee is a city one of the best cities in Wisconsin ( Wisconsin is hella lame btw) we get lit here most of the songs we listen to is from Milwaukee or somewhere elsemost ppl pronounce Milwaukee Ma-wal-kee it's the most seragated city in Wisconsin but nb cares that much no we don't have slang but we have language 😏
Jassy: aye aye
Omar: I love it here in Milwaukee
by Nemopies August 08, 2020
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