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Its a suburb located in the North/East region of Melbourne which has alot of ethnic migrants, mostly Italians, Maltese & Maco's.

A great place 2 visit all the good looking wogs & Maria's.
Kefa: "Hey bro wanna go down to Mill Park & see Brad & the boys??"

Heath: " Yeah man lets see what all our wog boys been doin'"
by Italian Powerhouse April 07, 2008
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A middle class suburb 18-20 minutes north-east of the great city of melbourne. No, it is not full of 'fully sick wogs'. Mill Park East (east of plenty rd) has affluent homes and a great public school, as well as amazing views of the city and the dandenongs. Mill Park has a great public pool area as well as shopping centres. dropkicks from thomastown, epping and lalor come and drag race around our area because the cops dont have to patrol our streets 24/7, and also as they have nothing else to do with their lives. People who say it is full of 'wogs' are too stupid to realise that all of melbourne is full of second/third generation australians with descendants from europe. People from neighbouring suburbs to the east of mill park bag it, yet are also too stupid to realise that they are from the same region. People who have the 'wog accent' are those who have moved from thomastown/lalor/epping to mill park and are confused that we live in australia, not europe and are trying to ruin our beautiful green, clean suburb. Mill Park and its city council was awarded a prestigious award for its green parks and clean environment. There is a reason why houses around here are between $500,000 and over $1,000,000, and over 30,000 people live here...coz its FUCKING AWESOME!
person from a suburb to the east of mill park: 'oh you're from mill park?...omgzz are you like fully sick and carry knives n shit?'

mill park person: 'umm wtf is wrong with you? im going now...far away from you'

thomastown/lalor/epping person: 'zomgzzz fully lyK SICk brOOOO'

mill park person: 'fuck off, you are ruining my hometown!'
by ohh word February 16, 2009
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Dont tease us wogs mate, your just jealous
Me: Im fully sik mate, your just a pathetic loser mate
u: yeah rite, i think im good
by fUlLy SiK bRo February 26, 2004
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Mill Park is a stupid place in victoria that is about 20 minutes north of melbourne. It is inhabited by mostly fully sick wogs with fully sick flip phones bro! Fuck them, fuck them all.
normal person: fuck you. fuck you anally. fuck you anally with a kendo stick. stop breathing.
mill park person: BUT BRO WUT IF MARIO SMS'Z ME MATE!?
normal person: mario wont. mario hates you. we all do. you are not wanted on this planet. go die. a horrible, painful death.
by Fuck you. February 25, 2004
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a place that has wogs such as Ashlea...
i AM a wog and as soon as they find out, they don't care if i bag them =P
by apple pie rocks May 30, 2004
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