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A person, often an adult in their 40s or 50s, who resides in any suburb of a major city and holds the firm belief everything they and their family need is in their suburb and others surrounding it and rarely, if ever, venture into the core city, either out of fear of being a victim of a crime (even if they live near a city with low crime rates) or out of contempt for the cities mostly liberal/open-minded view points that clash with their staunch conservative ideas.

Militant suburbanites are not very common in communities within 15 miles of the core city and make up less than half a metro area's population, but they are not common to spot, as they feel the need to conform to whatever their neighbors and/or coworkers are doing. Militant Suburbanites that do venture into the city usually tend to stick to the most crowded areas of the city and will avoid any form of public transportation.
There are three levels of Militant Suburbanite:

Level 1-most willing to venture into a core city, though only do so for certain occasions, usually being sporting events, some concerts and conventions/trade shows/conferences, travel (driving through in a car, heading to the airport, etc.) and work, if their job is in the city. All other entertainment and shopping they feel can be done in the suburbs.

Level 2-will venture into the core city from time to time, but usually only for work and travel

Level 3-rarest of all. Is absolutely not willing to venture into the core city at all. They will go out of their way to not find a job there and will even refuse to drive through there on the highway.
by GaaraoftheDamned September 19, 2013
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