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Mili Pili is literally the Spanish abreviation of the female names Milagros and Pilar (especially argentinean spanish). It is used in a despective and derogatory way to refer to millenial teens who tend to have an extremely clumsy and naïve point of view about different topics on life, or whose lives evolve around silly and unrelevant things, such as wearing brand clothing or being the most popular girl at school. In all, it's a way to call a girl 'stupid'.
"Me compré un BMW y ahora todas las Mili Pilis quieren salir conmigo"
("I bought a BMW and now all the Mili Pilies want to date me")
by ArgieGopnik September 12, 2017
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Typical basic chick, who has a tendency to get into catfights due to her pettiness.
She's always looking for trouble, she is such a milipili.
by Someoneintheinternet September 16, 2017
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Mili Pili is most often used to describe the distinct smells of the regional rice and squash dishes of Malayalam, which frequently resemble cellular organelle. They are said to bring on great feelings of nostalgia and déjà vu simultaneously. It is also used anecdotally as an acronym. My iron limousine includes personal internet located inside. The modern colloquial use is not limited by the arrangement. You also hear it spoken as Pili Mili.
The lush tableau of flavors and mili pili are singularly unique . One is instantly transported to the place of deepest memory yet unknown; however, One may suspect to have wandered and smelled the mili pili before. As if living the pungent recollections of another. A dream within a dream.

"Is it safe and has great wifi?"
"Mili Pili."
by _.-=-Darkstar-=-._ September 12, 2017
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Girl 1: “James and I were in the back of his pickup last night and you won’t believe what happened.”
Girl2: “Don’t tell me he had a milipili!”
Girl1: “Yes and he tried to put it in my mouth!!!”
by BumNugget3000 October 03, 2017
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