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1. A micropenis either in its flaccid state or with the inability to achieve an erection.
2. A penis which is really small, resembling a micropenis while in a flaccid state but which may or may not be small, or, may or may not be a literal micropenis in its erect state.
1. "He had a micro soft dick - Not only was it a micropenis but he could never even get it hard. It was basically a clit."
2. Suzie (walks in on Johnny changing) : "Wow, your dick is tiny! You must have a micropenis!"
Johnny: "No, it is a 'micro soft dick'. Look it up on Urban Dictionary! That means it's really tiny when it's soft but it might not be when it gets erect!"
Suzie: "Might not be? That's not very reassuring, hehe."
by StonerWithATinyBoner November 16, 2014
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