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Weighs over 340 but claims he’s 240. Earth quakes happen when he walks. Thinks he can play 2k but sucks. His fingers to big for his phone. HOF plate cleaner. Built like Morgan. His right eye looking straight his left eye 90 degrees to the right. Legend has it if you stare at his cock eye you’ll wake the next day with one. He has to be slapped in Order for his to become even again but that only last for so long. They should start a gofundme for his eye.
Person 1: “aye y’all see that nigga over there ?”
Person 2: “who ?”
Person 1 “that cocked eyed nigga mike.”
Person 2 :” oh you talking about Michael cock eye afriyie

Jay Z- “come to the mother land my brother”
Mike- 🤪
Jay z -“cock eye strong together “
Mike-*climbs tree*
Jay z- *slaps Michael cock eye straight*
by Michael Thompsonnn January 30, 2018
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