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Mezarkabul is a Turkish metal band. They are known as Pentagram in Turkey, but, because there is an another band which is called Pentagram in US, they chose the name mezarkabul for their musical actvites in abroad.

It's formed in Bursa (a city of Turkey) in 1986 by Cenk Ünnü(drummer) and Hakan Utangaç(guitarist). You can hear anatolian tunes influenced their songs.

They released 6 studio and 4 live albums. Those are:

Pentagram (1990 - Studio Album)
Trail Blazzer (1992 - Studio Album)
Anatolia (1997 - Studio Album)
Unspoken (2001 - Studio Album)
Bir (2002 - Studio Album / 'Bir' means 'One' in Turkish by the way)
MMXII (2012 - Studio Album)
Live At the Trail (1991 - Live)
Popçular Dışarı (1998 - Live / Which means 'Pop Lovers out' in Turkish)
1987 (2008 - Live)
MMXIV (2014 - Live)
Mezarkabul is one of the leading metal bands in Turkey.
by ch32 June 24, 2015
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