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A Mexiscreamer is any number of unattended and ignored and/or screeching, yelling and howling Mexican children who shatter any and all peace you might find in public. Not to be confused with banging a loud Mexican slut.
We went to the beach and swarms of mexiscreamers were running around howling and we had to move our chairs. This happened last week at the mall too. Little Rigoberto was ignored by his parents and assaulted all of our senses.
by Miltythecheese July 13, 2017
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A mexi screamer is when beaner parents take their miserably ill behaved child out into public and ignore them while they run around and screech like maniacs ruining any peace you might have. Not to be confused with a mexi slut who also screams but without her parents.
We went to walk the dogs at the park and they were so many mexi screamers running around we had to leave. Mexiscreamers kill your days in public.
by Miltythecheese July 03, 2017
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