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The alternative to actual camping. The process of staying in a trailer or another modern shelter that is not a traditional tent, lean-to, or cave. This camping-like event that is not considered real camping as you usually have access to things such as power, showers, a vehicle, air conditioning and heating.
Metro-camping: People who pull a fully-loaded trailer up to a provincial park, park it between two trees on a designated lot, plug in their power so the trailer air conditioning starts up, turn on the satalite tv and start the built-in microwave for supper.


Camping: Canoeing through Algonquin Park with millions of misquitoes and black flies molesting you while you have to take a crap behind a tree and use leaves or your hand to wipe your ass, then running back to your 4 person tent that really sleeps 2 and trying for 30 minutes to kills all the bugs that got in while you wait to go flip the steak that's grilling on a rock on the fire.
by Eric and Jen July 12, 2006
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