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The way in which a meth a addict try's to buy product with cash money while they owe money or deliberately attempts to confuse the seller by rapidly talking/throwing numbers around in a frantic manner hoping to benefit them selfs by either shorting the seller money or by receiving extra product.
Buyer: "oh hey, ha how much was it I owe you?.... $50, is it... $60? No no it was $45 right? Ya ya $45"

Seller: "nah I don't care for your methematics, you owe me $80 now where's my money man?"
by Nieva February 26, 2015
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"the act of solving mathematical equations while stoned as fuck - interstingly making the whole process of solving quicker and more efficient"
Coming home from a party at 3 in the morning. Stoned. Drunk. Realizing you have a very important assignment due the next day. Sitting at the table staring at the sheet of paper. At first only seeing weird symbols. Suddenly everything comes into place and you start doing your math at supernatural speed. Afterwards dropping on the floor. Blackout. Wake up in the morning from hangover. Swag. Methematics.
by Waffleselfie February 06, 2014
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