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1. Using the guise of avoiding hypocrisy for the sake of laziness, or for any sake other than actually avoiding hypocrisy.
2. Being hypocritical about your own hypocrisy.
3. Behaving hypocritically to justify the merits of honesty.
1. "I'm not dressing up for this date to avoid looking like an hypocrite and pretending I am better than I am. But really, I'm just too lazy to match a dress shirt and a tie. I guess you could call it meta-hypocritical dating."
2. "It would be hypocritical to claim I've always been a critical thinker if I wasn't, why would I lie about something like that? I don't have time for this kind of meta-hypocrisy."
3. "You know, the world would be a better place if everyone was completely honest. If everyone showed themselves for who they are people wouldn't pretend they're genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropists and instead be accepted for who they really are like me. I'm a really honest guy and look where it's gotten me; I'm a genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist!"
by Meta-banana September 24, 2013
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