A meta-flirt is a process of continuing mutual flirting and taking it to another level (emails and texts, witty stunts, double entendres, private jokes, practical jokes, etc...) only after the in-person flirting has become impossible due to distance and/or being involved in other relationships. Part of the motivation for meta-flirting is an effort to continue the relationship or "flirtationship" because one or both flirts enjoys grabbing the attention of the other and is not ready to let go of the fun.
I LMAO when I received my last email from Chris. He sent me a private joke referring to the flirt-fest we had when we were at the conference together last week. He was meta-flirting with me! I am going to meta-flirt back and keep this going. Maybe I'll play a practical joke on him too ;)
by attentionGbr269 June 17, 2009
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Flirting with someone while explaining to them how you are making your moves, in a way that results in an self-ironic sense of humor and charm, and talks about the elephant in the room to avoid awkwardness.
Dude, Jim just told that girl how he was going to use his moves on her, he is totally meta-flirting.
by Haardfilur June 20, 2016
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