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Awesome Youtubers named Veronica and Vanessa Merrell who are really funny and are twins they upload mostly challenge videos to youtube.
I just watched the new Merrell Twins video! It's so funny!!!
by Youtubecommentsalltheway September 05, 2016
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Youtubers, Singers, and Actresses who are funny AF. They're living memes and have dimples to die for and the coolest dad in the world.
The Merrell Twins don’t care about their haters.
I just saw a Merrell Twin meme yesterday.
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by repdluxe July 28, 2018
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Cringey twin sisters that recently got into K-pop. They love to denounce their culture just to fit some Korean in there. They sing and dance to K-pop non stop. Especially Vanessa who even cut herself some shitty ass bangs after she got into K-pop. I might as well be defining Koreaboo.
"Dude, Koreaboo's are so fucking cringey."
"I know right. The Merrell twins are the perfect example."
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by offense.taken June 30, 2018
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