MemeSpeak™ is a new social network tool that allows users to substitute talking head animations for textual blogging, in many languages, to mobile on any social network or blog. Extended functionality of the animations is also offered as supplementary Virtual Goods by MemeSpeak Inc
a memespeaker uses memes
by MemeSpeak November 30, 2014
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a memespeaker uses memes to connect similar expressions
by memespeak September 20, 2014
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Used when referring to the IRL use of internet memes through (specifically) speech.
Rachel: "Oh my god Becky, she has a huge ass el-oh-el!"
Becky: "OMG Rachel, you're such a memespeak pop culture whore!"

Rob: "I like yo-yos."
Ben: "Yo dawg, I herd you like yo-yos..."
Rob: "Memespeak."
by willPow3r May 5, 2009
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