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meme_hummus is the person you dip your muslim dorito inside. The hummus is located in the oral region and has a very bland taste.
Person 1: Hey look! I bought us a meme_hummus.
Person 2: Lit bro! Let me dip my muslim dorito in it!
Person 1: Sure thing bro. Watch out, he can bite sometimes!
*Middle eastern music starts playing*
by Triplined April 21, 2019
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Meme Hummus, the mosy quality fucking memes. Him and @jewflex own the Muslim Dorito nigga army. Meme hummus spent $5k on promotions and gained only 30k, but that didnt stop him.
Friend: Hey you follow @meme_hummus on instagram?
Me: yes bro hes the muslim dorito nigga army
Friend: He has the most quality fucking memes. Follow him rn and get him to 100k
by @lictoe April 21, 2019
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