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The nectar of the Gods. Smoother than the Mt. Dew, better tasting than Vault. It has just the right amount of caffine, and it will make your penis bigger.
Girlfriend: WOW! Your penis looks bigger!
You: You bet! I've been drinking Mello Yello!
by Hodgii October 30, 2007
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A asian that smokes alot of weed. Therefore does not give a single fuck.

It is recommended that you do not cheat off them on test, because they do not study as much as there hard working counterparts.
Kevin: Hey look at all those asians smoking weed behind the bleachers.

Jim: what a bunch of mello yello's.
by jackie wang November 18, 2012
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Pretty much just an imitation of Mountain Dew *angel chorus*. Most people think it doesnt have any caffiene in it at all, but it does. Yup.
Dude, Mello Yello? Wheres your MD?
by Locolan August 05, 2006
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Mello Yello is a drink blessed to us. After the crack of the can, the aromatic citrus fills your nostrils. I swig will send you to flavour heaven, it's orange kick send you into a trance. some people say its a rip-off of mountain dew. But honestly; 99 cents is no turn down for such an amazing drink!
I drank Mello Yello yesterday, and it put me into a trance! THE FLAVOR.
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by Mr. Enderman June 10, 2018
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