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A sweet loving beautiful natural beauty looking girl who always care and do anything for anyone esp her family. She can be a loud mouth and also a smart one but she always laugh it off. She does get short-tempered at times but she can never stay mad at someone overnight. A person who is really close to her grandfather and always thinks about him regardless if he is alive or has passed away.

She is a loving girlfriend, wife, friend, bestfriend, sister, aunty and cousin. A person willing to sort her problems out instead of holding it all in. She definitely loves her nephew and nieces so much immediate and extended family. She can be fragile at times so please dont break her. She is one of a kind, a very unique lover and also a lovable person.

So if you have a Meipo, hold strong onto her and dont let her go. She can make your life a better life than what you had.
Meipo, sensitive, lovable, caring, honest, trust-worthy, fragile, stable
by pressconferenceoffrenchpolynes December 11, 2013
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