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A person who is known to be better and has a higher intellect and intelligence level than other people. She is the one who has all the solutions and is known to be sensible. She is beautiful and is unknown to that fact. She is also the one who will get a party started and enjoy the most without going overboard. She comes up with out of the box ideas and can be pretty quirky and off her edge sometimes.
Carla: Oh My God! I needed to finish the Biology project and make plans for my party next week so I decided to take the help of Marcy...
Nikki: And she helped you out?
Carla: You won't believe, she helped me finish the bio project and come up with an out of this world idea for my party!!!
Nikki: Gawd! She's such a Mehvash!
by marcy_horan August 25, 2014
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