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A gorgeous girl who under rates herself. Her black hair falls in ringlets over her shoulders like a waterfall. Her intense dark brown eyes soften for some people, but it happens rarely. Meheret's find it hard to trust people, but because of that, those she has bonds with are hard for her to let go of. She has an incredible body, although she doesn't like it very much. She is loved by those around her, especially her friends. She is someone you can see yourself having a future with in a relationship. She makes it seem like you have known each other for a thousand lifetimes, when you first meet. Meheret leaves you looking forward to the next time you meet.

She hides all of her pain and emotion behind a fake smile. But if you ever get to see her real smile, time will freeze and you will want to remember that moment for eternity. Her laugh is similar to that of a twinkling bell, light and beautiful.

If you know a Meheret, never let her go. Don't use her heart as a toy, she doesn't deserve to be hurt. She will be the best friend, girlfriend, or family member you could ever ask for.
<<Person 1>>: I just went on a date with Brittney, it didn't go too well.

<<Person 2>>: I've been texting Meheret since last night!

<<Person 1>>: Introduce me to her! You know Meheret's are the best girlfriends you can ever have!
by SkeletonSmiles May 24, 2017
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