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shes a wild one! Don’t be deceived by her shy and calming nature as this girl knows how to party, give her a few jägers and she will drop it like it’s hot! People say she has a contagious laugh and a beautiful smile and her eyes will enchant you. She has a heart of gold and is unique in her own ways but don’t take her for granted as she has a bit of a crazy side, treat her nicely and she will treat you even better, hurt her and she will make sure she has the last laugh! Megannah is the most creative girl you’ll ever meet, and she is sure to take you on a memorable adventure! Megannah is a hard character to forget and will always be in the back of your mind. If you ever happen to meet a girl called Megannah be sure to hold on to her as long as possible because she will change your life !
“Have you met Megannah ? “
Her eyes are dreamy

“Megannah knows how to have fun”
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by Sammroberts May 07, 2018
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