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a wannabe fergalicious girl who goes through personalities like ron jeremy goes through condoms (from prep to wanna be gangster to punkrocker to emo and back to prep like 3 hours), bums around with shaelicious, didnt have a great dating history, until she met robalicious, owns everything, ex-jesus girl but still loves jesus, secretly still wishes to be punkrock, loves to rockstar it up, WOOOOOOH, 100% FREAK
"Are you friends with megalicious?"
"No, shes too ghettotech for me."
by crossactionballa January 27, 2007
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a stunning woman called Megan who has the looks best compared to Jennifer Anniston and the heart best compared to a pot of gold. A woman not only beautiful on the outside but on the inside too. Someone who knows what she wants in life and how to get it and strives for success. Someone who is megalicious also enjoys playing bowls and has stinky feet.
Hey daquan I tell you what, my new girl is megalicious!
by Wisek February 25, 2017
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