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mega (adj):
Very large.
Surpassing other examples of its kind; extraordinary.
(prefix): In precise scientific language "one million"

nuts (adj):
Insane; crazy.
(idiom): To be extremely or excessively enthusiastic about.

mega nuts (comp. adj):
Very, very crazy.
A freak occurrence or scenario that is mega in size and extraordinarily nuts.
(idiom): Inexplicably enthusiastic about something.

Person A: "Did you see Dave's new hair last night? Weird. And he was going on about burning all his worldly possessions and starting a commune."

Person B: "Mega nuts."

by lizandbax October 20, 2008
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The "Mega Nut" Is the process of which you partake in masturbating but before ejaculation deliver as many blows to your testicles in hopes to block the ejaculation from release due to swollen balls. You do this process for a total of ten days, and on the tenth day you let the flood of semen on to whatever or whoever you choose.
"Damn bro I released my Mega Nut on Jessica's face last week she was so surprised!"
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by Vittorio1771 January 17, 2018
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