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You are a mega hoe if you are a Christian hoe who has had pre-marital sexual intercourse.
Person 1: Damn Nina is a hoe!
Person 2: Nah she's a mega hoe because she was at church earlier this morning.
by katniniffer March 05, 2017
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I am the President of all Megahoes at Hoe Ltd.

Santella is Vice President.

The are alot of megahoes on THE board (i won't tell you wich...)

The Word Megahoe derives from the words;

Mega and Hoe

Simple As.
Scott: Hey Santa you fucking hoe!
Santa: Oh Hi Scott! Sorry i couldn't male it into Hoe Ltd today as i have impaled myself on one of my bedposts.
Scott: Ohhh Emmm Geee! You must be a right hoe! Your bedposts are nearly half a metre in length! *shocked*
by Sc00t November 20, 2004
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