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a person, or thing, that has a slight "twitch", and constantly mummbles meheew
slang for someone being "slow" this case youd call them a meekrat
by Reed Cochran-Bray May 26, 2007
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What an illiterate burn victim calls an obnoxiously fresh individual through subliminals and sneak dissing. Most often a misspelling of "meerkat"
Kimi: "That bitch over there is a meekrat"

Guhl #2: "Don't you mean 'meerkat'?"

Kimi: "Nah son, she a meekrat. FOH"
by Ill Community August 30, 2010
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Long haired dark skinned individual who usually has a name belonging to an easily bullied human
person 1 - Look at him, he looks like a meek rat
by Helios07 April 09, 2017
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