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World's last legal form of torture. After two years in a gulag learning to "help people", you are shipped off to Siberia for had labor to "help people" as a resident. Survivors and escapees of these death camps are rewarded ridiculously by the institutions that monitored the torture. Victims can be identified by scrubs, an enduring symbol of pain and suffering
"You're bleeding"
"I'm a med school survivor, that's what we do."
by JoeShelton 2245 July 31, 2006
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long years of hardship that will lead you to one of the most amazing timeless and well-respected professions of our planet - rather than a job..being a doctor is a vocation. its extremely hard work and may bitchslap students in a pretty bad way (apart from driving dem to the very edge of reasing testing their human limits), but its a journey from which one can only learn...both knowledge-wise and life-wise. life is what you make i, actually med school can be quite fun :)
hey dude...coming for that med school student committee boat party after we finish renal?
yes getting the booze? ill get some saline who whoever gets shit and vomits his life out xD and stop hitting on the freshmen..deyre mine!
by dooooooooooooodie May 12, 2011
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Med school is where you get an M.D. No, going to school to get a D.O. does not mean you're in med school. D.O.'s live in fairy pussy land where cranks believe that cracking your back can cure cancer/the flu/poverty. See if you don't believe me. D.O.'s ACTUALLY BELIEVE IN THAT SHIT.

Also, you are a huge fucking douche if you're in one of the following programs and casually claim to be in med school or ever refer to yourself as "doctor": podiatry school, chiropractic school, physical therapy school, law school (yes, there are deluded cock suckers in law school that think that the "D." in "J.D." entitles them to the title doctor)

Dentists get a pass because although they do call themselves doctors, I have never met one in school that was so ashamed to be in their program that they say they're in "med school" rather than "dentistry school." I have seen this with pod school, d.o. school and chiropractic "school."
You trim bunions and in-grown toe nails and fit people for shoe inserts. Although it required some training to do this, and despite your ability to write limited prescriptions and perform basic surgery, you are not a fucking doctor.

Your industry pulled the greatest fucking scam ever off by getting insurance providers to cover chiropractic care despite having no scientific evidence that this horse-shit works. You also can write limited prescriptions. You are not a fucking doctor.

You went to D.O. school because your MCAT was at least five points below the average score of kids in real med school (those who will receive an M.D. in four years). Despite your four years of schooling, 99% of your days will be spent in some toilet general practice scribbling "amoxicillin" hundreds of times per day. A retard could do this (which is why they have a D.O. doing it). You are not a fucking doctor.
by Undeniable voice of reality September 17, 2008
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