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A person who eats meat and eat non can call them as meaterian.

a person who is not vegetarian.
sam - lets go and eat veg food at restaurant.
joe - no brother lets eat some non veg because i am non vegetarian.
lilly - dont use non vegetarian word its getting old now say meaterian.
i am meaterian
by chris pine March 28, 2018
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a person who doesn't eat meat except meatballs and burgers

meaterians cant be vegetarian since they eat specific meats
Person A: i found a great place where they make the best beefsteaks ,for tonight
Person B: wait! Jen wont eat there.
Person A: Why? Is she is a vegetarian? but i saw her eating a big mac last day
Person B: no dude! she is not a vegetarian, she is a meaterian
by iselle January 28, 2008
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