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"As I turned my Meat Bat toward Polaris,
A Ray of Light shone down on It from the Heavens,
As if the Gods themselves were in awe of It's large, bulbous nature.
It was still glistening from her Juices,
And pulsating in anticipation of the next Encounter.
And I thought to myself,
All is Good, all is Good."
(Translated from an ancient Aramaic text, thought to have been written circa 600 B.C.)
by Colonel Turdburglar September 11, 2005
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1. (noun) a large, floppy dong.
2. (noun) strange flying mammal that feeds soley on butchered meat.
3. (noun) an outrageous goon that frequents online gaming realms.
1. After being flogged by the meatbat, Harriet was somewhat incoherent for a spell.
2. Whilst traversing the Tasmanian basin, Dr. Farquad was assaulted by a rabid meatbat.
3. Did anybody see that guy Meatbat? What a noob.
by SunnyCheeba April 23, 2009
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