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One of the more common phrases used amongst black females when they felt they’ve been wronged by their bae, boo, sponsor, family, etc. Synonymously found on the nearest FB timeline where the have-nots flock. Whenever there’s a sense of rejection, or someone doesn’t co-sign some foolishness, Miss Ratchet wishes to partake in, that individual will them take on a “Me Against The World” mentality.
Keisha: On my life Tyrone don’t wanna see me!!! It’s OK. I gotta cake baked for his black ass!!! Shay: Girl I could have told you that nigga ain’t shit. He know damn well he could have gotten you that bag and Lil’ Man Man them J’s
Keisha: It’s cool, it’s cool. From here on out, fuck him, long and hard. I’m loving my life and everybody in it. In 2019, it’s all about me and mines!!!!
by pdstix78 June 20, 2018
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