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Rapper 2Pacs 3rd released solo album, one of the most critically acclaimed and commercially succesfull albums of the 1990s. Released in 1995.
Is part of The Source Magazines short 5 Mic List, and was included in there 100 Best Hip Hop Albums of All Time.

The album was recorded during probably the most difficult time of 2pacs life. All his friends around him were either dying or backstabbing him. He had recently been shot and was mobile via wheelchair, on top of this he was juggling his time between studio sessions (recording of this album), and court appearances for a felony rape case he was fighting.

Many songs on the album seem prophetic in nature. Nearly every track allures to a young death, and incarceration. This album is 2pacs thug life masterpiece.

Was the first and I believe only album to chart number one on the billboards while the artist was in prison. 2pac finished the album before he went to prison for the rape case, but it was released after he was locked up was Rikers Island.

Had three excellent singles.
-Dear Momma (An ode to single mothers everywhere)
-Temptations (Song about how hard it is to be rich and famous and not cheat on the women you love)
-So Many Tears (A heartfelt track that captures pain like no other song ive ever heard in my life.)

He discusses many topics that alot of young men coming from ruff backgrounds to this day still relate to.
Truly a classic. Great album for all, but especially a must buy for anyone living the thug life. It will touch you.
"I lost too many niggas to this gangbanging/
My homie died in my arms last night with his brains hangin'/
I had to tell him it was alright/
But thats a lie, and he knew it when he shook and died/ I smoke a blunt to take the pain out/ And if I wasn't high I'd probably try to blow my brains out, lord knows/"

-Lord Knows, Track number 8, Me Against The World
by Pacs messenge lives on. December 10, 2008
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