MDlb is a form of BDSM play or it can just be a type of role play. MD stands for Mommy Dom. lb stands for Little Boy. Mommy Dom Little Boy. The same way there is Daddy Dom Little Girl (DDLG) It's when a female acts as a Mother and her significant other acts as the little boy. This has nothing to do with actually wanting to date or have sexual relations with your son or mother. The mother role will feel empowered and protective over her "little boy" and the boy will feel like he can be released of any responsibility but giving up control is also very freeing. The mother role might also make rules that the "little boy" has to follow or it can resort to punishments depending on the agreement between the couple.

Any BDSM relationship should be safe and consensual.
Guy: I want you to act like a mother figure.

Girl: You want to do mdlb?
by Knk18 February 21, 2016
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Sorta like ddlg, the only difference is the roles are switched (mommy and little boy)
Me and my husband are switches, we have ddlg and mdlb in our kink life
by babyslut15 June 1, 2018
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