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(noun): Computer freak, who cares only of folding and logging in at icrontic and posting men with camel toes. Camera freak, who knows all about cameras. Oldies freak, who cares only of oldies music. Volvo freak, who cares only about his volvo. In general, a freak.
(verb): To have a license and car, but cannot drive it, and complain. To have a high end computer, and still complain. To own an SLR camera, and still complain. To point out the bloody obvious and complain. Therefore: To complain.
don't be a meece-weece
he's a meecer
don't meece-weece like him
by anitanium April 29, 2003
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(noun): incomprehensible grumbling sounds; sounds which have no meaning ; noises that portray a mumbling manner

(verb): to voice out opinions without clarity; to speak without clarity; to talk in an uncivilized manner combining grumbling with mumbling; to speak gibberish and think the listner knows what you are saying
That dog's barking meeceweece
That ricer sounds like a meecer

by anitanium May 01, 2003
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person that walks like a gimp, looks like a gimp, works like a gimp, drives like a gimp, eats like a gimp, runs like a gimp, scared like a gimp, talks like a gimp. therefore : GIMP
by Anonymous May 02, 2003
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a whiner that whines about ppl avoiding him.. even though he knows they dont like him.. therefore a whiner...

a person that has "folding@home" as a hobbie on icq... really shows u how much of a life this person has..

a person that's happy just because he can get 0.5 more FPS when running 3Dmark after installing new drivers...
"Whoa! look at that protein fold! i got no life and this is the next best thing to g** p**n! whoa.. it's folding fast! whoa! i think i'm so cool!"

"Whoa! lookie this huuuhuuuhuu! i got 0.5 more FPS in quake! whoa! now i'm at 150.5FPS for Quake! I will really notice the difference in FPS when my monitor can ONLY DO A REFRESH RATE OF 85Hz! And guess what?!?!?! i have a high end video card! and i dont even play games! i just use it to BRAG! WHOA! LOOK AT THAT BENCHMARK! WOW i'm ranked 15million out of 1000000000 Athlons.. i think i'm so special...."
by Anonymous May 07, 2003
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a person who is deprived of so much in life that would smile for an hour if he got a chance to touch a drill
by Anonymous May 01, 2003
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