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noun: the unfortunate physical aftermath of a night at McDonald's eating chicken McNuggets or any other greasy/oily/cheesy fast food.
"Whew," said the strange man pointing to the men's restroom, "do not go in there, dude-- mcsplosion."

Mcsplosions are a leading cause of US emergency room admissions and have even contributed to the further destabilization of the San Anreas fault.
by KatieOh! May 01, 2006
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To explode in a surreal fashion, and after said object would nto explode. AKA: the suprise explosion
The best way to avoid injury form a mcsplosion, wait precisly 5 seconds
A: The hell!!! the firecracker is a dud
b: *walks up to fire cracker* I am scareded it might mcsplode on me.
A: The hell does that mean?!?!?
B: Just wait for 5 seconds.
B: Told ya it would have a mcsplosion BIATCH
by sdfjask.vas November 02, 2009
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