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A McLegend isn't like a normal legend. They are the true 'legends'. The kind of person who follows the crowd and calls his 'friend' a legend for shanking up an old nan. We can agree that the technical term 'McLegend' is more of a sarcastic term.

Examples of McLegends:

Scooter kids,
people with 'baller' in their instagram bio,
people with 'single ;)' in their instagram bio,
people who say; 'You wan sum?', 'Legitimate', 'You wanna fight?' and of course, 'You bladdy legend...'
Legend: "I told this kid that having 'baller' in his bio isn't cool and he just said 'You wan sum?!'"
Legend #2: "Sounds like a McLegend to me!"
by The True McLegend May 10, 2016
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