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To be a huge P.I.M.P and to have an enormous wiener. Usually someone from Dallas, Texas
"Dang that kid is a total mcgoodwin"
by Creed McGoodwin March 06, 2008
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verb /MIGˈOOD/Win/ 

a. For one's presence in a situation to cause confusion, disorder, and general chaos, often resulting in failure of ones stated goal.

b. in regards to romantic pursuits undertaken when heavily intoxicated and resulting in the failure of the courtship goals.

c. implying disaster or failure in the above scenarios.
"I really pulled a McGoodwin last night!"
"That sucks! What happened?"
"Well I got so smashed I decided to bang this chick my friend had already had sex with not 2 hours prior. But it was fine 'cause he didnt even finish"
"Well at least she was hot!"
"Yeah.....that's the thing."
by JTMcCarthy1848 December 04, 2012
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