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the act of fisting a girl/woman or boy/man by mcgillis while being extremely drunk, possibly after a night at Thursday in the square. This act is made possible by thrusting ones fist in a womans vagina or a gentlemans asshole.
yo bitch i heard you got a mcfisty last night!!

Fist or get Mcfisted 2007!!!!
by Olypapaya June 14, 2007
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To insert your entire hand into the vagina and/or anus of another whilst holding a McDonald's hamburger sandwich, most often a BIG mac but in essence, any hamburger sandwich from McDonald's extensive menu would constitute the act of McFisty.
Boy oh boy, this hamburger is causing acute sexual arousal, bend over. It's McFisty time.
by fat.cunt.with.a.tiny.cock July 28, 2014
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