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a very sweet and kind lady. she is very nice and respectful and she is definitely a chabe. she is one of a kind and definitely worth your time. go get yourself a mayada cause you need it. she is very beautiful and has cool sidras.
person 1: " did you see that pretty woman over there"
person 2: " yea she was a great mayada"
by coolchabe July 07, 2018
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A female with rather large breasts for her body. She has an ass of a black woman but she isn't black. Her toes are usually very short and look like fingers. Other than that she has very pretty eyes and long hair like a mermaid. She is good in the sack!
I am going to hit it and quit it with that Mayada!

Damn look at that big are rockin a Mayada!!
by Tamara & Tanya January 09, 2008
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