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In ancient times this name was given to the champion of a certain contest. The contest winner would have had to fuck as many dogs/flamboient homosexuals in 30 minutes as possible. The first max-vosper held the record for sticking his cock in as many as 58 dogs! Centuries later this name has evolved into a person who is incredibly "faggish" and who would one day dream to have middle aged male celebrity Justin Timberlake sucking their cock. Please, to all whom this applies to, if you by happen to run into or/are friends with a max-vosper, invite them over for a sleepover and ejaculate into their mouths while they are sleeping. People might go as far to say that the "faggot Japanese" are more respected than people named max-vosper.
Boy 1-"Dude I swear I walked into the library yesterday and I saw max-vosper drinking a cup of his dog's semen."

Boy 2-" Oh well that explains why he was wacking off his dog the other day"
by Dick T.Rickle February 19, 2008
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