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How I figure it, "The Matthews Bridge" is the one in jacksonville Florida. As Fred says, "Im a red necked f**ker from jacksonville" "Take him to the matthews bridge"...means go and throw him off this huge bridge presumably?
Or a bridge is a musical step, Fred just calls this the matthews bridge as in someone saying "Take it to the bridge"
Hope this helps.
"Take him to the matthews bridge"
by mick sturbs September 19, 2007
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Yes, Limp Bizkit is referencing Jacksonville's Mathews Bridge (yes it is spelled with one t). It is a large and well known bridge that connects Downtown Jacksonville with Arlington.
Take him to the Matthew's Bridge (Mathew's Bridge)
by Jaxguy July 31, 2008
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the "Matthews Bridge" is mentioned in Limp Bizkit's "My Generation". They chant "Take'em to the matthews bridge!!" in a very tough, angry tone, with goals to scare or intimidate the listener, as if taking us to the "Matthews Bridge" seemed threstening.

Nobody really knows what the hell the "Matthews Bridge" is, another reason why Limp Bizkit sucks.
Durst: Oh yea?!!! Hey, John Otto, take this kid to the Matthews Bridge!!

Me: Ooooooh, i'm so scared, ahh, the matthews bridge...
by gplpark92 August 18, 2006
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