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A high school level class in which the pupils consist of those on sports teams, the highly apathetic, those who "have one last chance to pass a class before we send your ass to jail," and senior year white kids wishing to recieve grades for napping.

With a loose curriculum focusing on how to write checks and ask for an IRS form, it is a veritable university for the latest insults and obtuse slang.
I was going to eat the weed cookie in math models, but Mookie saw it and took it from me at gun point while the teacher laughed at me and called me a bitch.
by JKelly October 05, 2004
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Basically, you are the biggest dumbass in high school if you are sitting in this class. You have never passed the TAKS test and are a fucking disgrace.
Man that Matt is a dumbass. He's in math models this year. should've seen it coming.
by mclovin555 November 06, 2010
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