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When a person or company has unlimited causes or reasons to not pay you for services, which is just a delay attempt tactic. These people have unlimited ways to pay a debt, but use any reason not to. They are not and never intended to pay the bill, which is a product they called you to buy. The lies, forms of denial, and other forms of greed makes you want to slap the hell out of them. They use the person or company, but get their payback when they are sued or fined 1000 times the amount they should have paid in the first place. The corrective medicine is to have them shut down in their peak business period, and then let them beg you to pay the bill.
That Dave and his manager are real master-of-the-payment-disorder assholes. No matter what I do for them it will never be enough! It's sad to see them shark around the legitamate payment, when all this is over they will have wished they paid the bill. Now, they have "self-screwed" themselves as always.
by Mark C. Mitchell December 06, 2007
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