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Portmanteau of "massage", "hug", and "snuggle", this term refers to when ya lovingly wrap yer arms around yer friend's shoulders, contentedly rest the side of your head against his/her chest and hold him close, and then begin softly kneading/soothing the middle of his/her back with yer palms and fingertips.
Nuthin' quite like sharin' a nice long masshuggle wif dat special someone, either to comfort each other after a long day or "just 'cuz"... extra points if you're both naked, of course, since "naked hugs are the best hugs". Plus it's even more heavenly and fulfilling if ya both remember to keep offering each other yer most choice/soul-soothing body-parts like yer cheeks (both upstairs AND down), forehead, lips (again, upper **and** lower, if you're a gal), chest, palms, soles, etc., so that your cuddle-buddy can constantly "soothe 'n' satisfy" all of his urgent/tearful cravings for your warm softness.
by QuacksO October 02, 2017
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