Refers to gay and bisexual men who are naturally masculine and are attracted to other masculine males. They do not fit the stereotypes of femininity or camp forced on all gay and sometimes bisexual men.

This preference in partners and lifestyle causes a lot of toxic behaviour and intolerance towards masculine individuals from those mainly that do fit the stereotypes. Those that shout for tolerance are actually the most intolerant in the gay community, as this interference in freedom to choose partners shows.
Thank you for your interest I am flattered but am attracted to other masculine men. Good luck in your search plenty out there looking for you.

by JLDN December 12, 2021
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The Denial of Femininity in the Gay Community.
“but I'm masculine looking for masculine. Sorry." (masc4masc)
by Bullvy January 27, 2016
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A masculine / butch person who likes other masculine / butch people (referring to the dyke community).
Jane: Do you think I should ask Sue out?
Denise: Oh darl, Sue is so masc4masc.
by sexybutchboi August 24, 2023
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